Popular Hungarian Travel Blogger shared his impressions from the visit to Nur-Sultan


Travel blogging becomes popular worldwide. There are travel blogs that tell you in more general terms about the best places to visit or news around popular tourist destinations. One of such travel bloggers, famous Hungarian journalist Péter Szűcs came to visit Nur-Sultan and two other cities of Kazakhstan.

By Péter himself, he has been traveling for a long time. He visited 70 countries, and it’s been more than 10 years of him working in the travel industry. But the idea of blogging and promoting destinations to the wider public only came up recently. He aims to share his personal experience on the places he visited by offering firsthand information.

There is no doubt that the Covid outbreak has adjusted the work of the tourism sector. However, the world is recovering at a slow but steady pace. For example, it recently became known that the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe WizzAir launched regular passenger air transportation to Kazakhstan. In this regard, Péter Szűcs was invited by Astana Invest to promote four main Kazakhstan destinations to the European market and share featuring main sights to visit in Nur-Sultan, Burabay, Almaty, and Turkistan cities.

“I enjoyed the local traditional cuisine, especially the horse meat and camel milk (shubat). I had a fantastic panoramic view from the top of Abu Dhabi Plaza, which became the first tallest building in Central Asia,” Péter said. According to Péter, he also was impressed with the modernity and architecture of the Nur-Sultan city and thinks that it reminds big metapolicies like New York or Moscow cities. “The city is well planned and safe. I was happy to meet very much friendly and helpful people. This makes you feel welcome,” he added.

Please visit Péter’s official page to know more about his trips:
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Publication date : 10-09-2021