Kazakhstan Selects Top 10 Tourist Destinations


On June 14, 2021, the Central Communications Service was held a briefing of the Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee Dastan Ryspekov, the Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Tourism Yerzhan Yerkinbayev, and the President of Kazakhstan's Association of Tour Operator Inna Rey.

Kazakhstan recently approved a list of top ten priority tourist destinations that were previously defined by the state program for tourism development, said Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee Dastan Ryspekov.

These top 10 destinations include Nur-Sultan, Turkistan, Mangystau cities, the Burabay, Bayanaul, Imantau-Shalkar resort areas, Lakes Alakol, Balkhash the mountain cluster of the Almaty Region, the Baikonur space complex.

During the briefing, the parties discussed additional measures of state support aimed at stimulating inbound tourism, attracting investments, improving tourist infrastructure, and the quality of tourist services.

Also, the E-qonaq system was also awarded, which allows to automatically integrate the received information with the Berkut (National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan) system and the visa and migration portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs when settling tourists at the accommodation. 323 hotels in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, North Kazakhstan, and Akmola regions have been registered in this system.

Publication date : 16-06-2021