Meeting with a passenger transportation company within the framework of "Visit Nur-Sultan"


"Visit Nur-Sultan" partnership program presented to one of the largest passenger transportation companies of Kazakhstan - "Region" taxi.

The company has been providing passenger transportation services in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Karaganda, Temirtau, Abai, Saran, and Shakhtinsk for more than 10 years. Until today, more than 70 million orders were delivered in total.

Because taxi services are gaining popularity among passengers living in megacities, cities need to create all conditions for the high-quality functioning of this transport. Participation in the partnership program will increase the quality of services provided in the capital, which in turn will prepare the city for receiving foreign tourists in post-COVID times. Special attention is paid to attracting partners in such categories as hotels, restaurants, attractions, service companies, and transport services.

Besides that, parties discussed several issues related to the development of projects in the field of domestic tourism development, the implementation of infrastructure projects, as well as support measures provided by the state.

Publication date : 22-07-2021