Visa requirements

Kazakhstan does not have a visa regime with some countries - you can freely visit Kazakhstan without special permission. For citizens of CIS countries, except Turkmenistan, a visa is not needed. Also, the visa is not needed for citizens of Mongolia, Turkey, Argentina, and Serbia.

Many countries have a simplified procedure for obtaining visas from Kazakhstan. In this case, you can simply come to the embassy of Kazakhstan and fill out the visa application form without the need for additional documents - permits, invitations, travel vouchers, hotel reservations, etc.

If a simplified procedure for obtaining visas is not established in your country, then getting a visa is possible only if you have visa support - an official invitation to visit the Republic of Kazakhstan. You will need to obtain the consent of the receiving party. Independently you can receive an invitation by contacting any travel agency in Kazakhstan. You can get a visa yourself by contacting a diplomatic mission or a travel agency in your country.

There are also rules for registration upon arrival of foreign citizens. During registration, a special coupon is issued, or a stamp is put on the passport. Sometimes registration is not required (in accordance with government decrees, special decrees, simplified visa regimes, etc.), be sure to check with local representatives of the border service at the passport control whether you need to register. For citizens of some countries, this must be done within 72 hours. For the registration, you need a stamp in the passport confirming the crossing of the border of Kazakhstan or a copy of the tickets for the flight to Kazakhstan. Moving around the country does not require any additional registration; when visiting other cities of Kazakhstan, no additional registration is necessary. Information is provided by the Mayor’s Office of Nur-sultan city.

The list of visa requirements for foreign citizens can be found at

More detailed information for those who wish to visit the Republic of Kazakhstan can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan contacts:

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On Consular Issues:

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Kazakhstan MFA Representation in Almaty:

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