«Atameken – Map of Kazakhstan»

Ethno complex «Map of Kazakhstan – «Atameken» was opened in September 8, 2001 in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In a world there are many such museums, introducing the his¬tory of the country. Ethno complex «Map of Kazakh¬stan – «Atameken» totally unique visual «textbook» for studying the geography of our beloved homeland, it brings the younger generation a sense of respect and admiration for his native land, a sense of pat¬riotism. You can’t hang this map on the wall, and teacher’s pointer is not required. Because everything is in full view. This is a unique open-air museum. On an area of 1.7 hectares, which is about two football fields, there is cotton and rice fields of Kyzyl Kum, Karaganda coal, Mangistau oil, gray Burabaj, Kur¬galdzhin birds and beautiful swans of Caspian, white tops of Alatau and many of these unique attractions of Kazakh land nicely arranged. 14 districts and 2 cities of republican significance – Astana and Almaty are located on the map. All variety of climatic zones and landscapes, architecture and urban ensembles presented here. But still, the main things are his¬torical and cultural monuments. Visitors of the city from different parts of the country, seeing the attrac¬tions of his land overflow with special feelings.

To¬day, there are more than 300 models, which played the most important attractions of the country: from the characteristic landscapes, famous historical and architectural monuments to modern urban ensem¬bles. In each of these models you can feel a lot of love that master has for the native land. About 40 models devoted to the new administrative center on the left bank of Astana. Many exhibits of «Map of Kazakhstan – «Atameken» complex is work of architects and de¬signers of the ethno-complex. What’s interesting, the deadline for the completion of the map is not speci¬fied. Because as long as Kazakhstan lives and devel¬ops, there always be a place to the new. For example, to the 10-year anniversary of Astana «Khan Shatyr», Independence Palace and many other new items were put on the model.

Officially, these buildings were completed on the eve of Astana Day. According to the call of the times special attention is focused on educating the young generation. Round tables and conferences held in the conference room of the complex. Electronic Map of Kazakhstan, reflecting the flora and fauna, natural resources and minerals, the main road and railway line of the country allows for thematic lectures for students. Contest on the history of the native land held every year with the support of the City Department of Education between students in urban schools. Prize-winners are awarded the title «Best tour guide» and have the opportunity to work in the complex in the summer.

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