«Baiterek» – the main symbol of Astana

Even in 1999, the President of the Republic proposed the idea of constructing a facility that has its roots in the ancient tradition. The head of state even drawn the sketch. Among many pro­jects of architects from different countries the idea of «Baiterek» was responded and selected. «Astana — Baiterek» monument was built in 2002 in the center of Astana. This monument shows that the history of Kazakh people is like a mighty tree with a spreading crown and long, strong roots going into seven lay­ers deep into the earth. My roots go far, and leaves rise high, we still will grow and develop, so this is the meaning of this facility.

Baiterek in the center of Astana propping up the sky. Building height is 97 meters, symbolizing the year of the proclamation of the new capital. Baiterek on archi­tectural design consists of three parts:

– The first part – the lower level, goes 4–5 meters in depth. There is a small model of the underwater kingdom – 7 meter high aquarium, where fish swim.

– The second part – body of Baiterek, metal con­struction. Two fast and silent elevators of «MITSUBI­SHI» company used there.

– The third part – a ball 22 meters in diameter and 300 tons weight made of «chameleon» glass of «SUN GLAS» company, which changes color depending on the sun, symbolizing the golden egg of magic bird Samruk.

To visit the glass ball rise in panoramic elevators to the very height of Baiterek. First get to the plat­form, where on the height of 93 meters admire the city. New administrative center is seen in full view. Akorda, Government House, the alley of fountains, the Senate, the Majilis, the Supreme Court, buildings of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Transport and Communication Ministries, buildings of «KazMunaiGas», «KazTransOil» companies – everything is blooming before our eyes.

From the high tower the huge steppe seems magical and you look long at the immense horizon, until it dis­appears into the night. At the very highest level – 97 meters there is the first President’s palm print «Ayaly – Alakan». When you put a hand, the song «Menin Elim» sounds and it seems that all of Kazakhstan is singing along with you.

When at night admiring the tower, specially in­stalled night lightings color Baiterek in up to five hun­dred shades, such illumination is achieved by special computer tools.

Today «Astana – Baiterek» has become a favorite place not only for the city residents, but for all visitors from near and far abroad. In 2002, on the X-th International Competition of the International Association of the Architects Unions of CIS and Moscow, St. Petersburg cities, it won the Grand Prix and Gold Medal. In 2003 in Bulgaria, in Sofia city on a global architecture triennial Astana won the silver medal for the architecture of the new city. In the same year, on the festival of architects in Bishkek Astana unanimously awarded the Grand Prix and Gold Medal.

That’s Baiterek like bird Samruk hovering over the world ...

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