Exhibition complex “EXPO-2017”

The capital of Kazakhstan has become a platform for the international specialized exhibition "Astana EXPO-2017" held under the motto "Future Energy." No international event of such level has been held in the Central Asian region and CIS countries before.

"Astana EXPO-2017" is expected to attract over 100 countries and international organizations and more than 2 million visitors. The member-states are to showcase their achievements and prospects for utilization of renewable energy sources, as well as their advantages such as ecological cleanliness, low operating cost, environmental safety and compliance.

"Astana EXPO-2017" will exhibit the best advances in the alternative energy sphere in order to highlight not only the prospects of its development, but also the problem of developing countries related to the needs in such energy.

The main exhibition facility, the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan, is constructed in the shape of a sphere and divided into separate zones. In the area of 5000 square metres the visitors will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the history, culture and geography of Kazakhstan. The projects of Kazakh scientists on "Green Economy" are going to be the key ones. 

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