How to get around Nur-Sultan?

Nur-Sultan is a modern city that is attractive for tourists and comfortable for residents and guests of the capital of Kazakhstan. The population of the city has already exceeded a million people and continues to grow. As the population grows, so does the need for public transport.

Many new projects are being implemented to create high-quality and comfortable public transport infrastructure for citizens and guests of the city. Currently, the city has a single taxi service “Astana Taxi” and a developed system of bus routes “Astra Bus.” Also during the warmer season, the Bike Sharing service “Astana Bike” operates in the city.

  • Nur-sultan has a single taxi service “Astana Taxi”. “Astana Taxi” unites 11 taxi companies and has a total mobile fleet of 395 cars. All cars are decorated in the same style and meet all international standards. Astana Taxi drivers undergo special training and certification. All drivers and cars pass a daily routine inspection. The main advantage of “Astana Taxi” is their right to use specially designated “Bus Lane” lanes, which will significantly reduce the trip time, especially during rush hours. Taxis can be ordered through a single call center 15800 or through mobile apps on iOS  and on Android. Tariffs are available on the website Astana Taxi.

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    Yandex.Taxi and Uber online taxi services apps are available to use in Astana as well.

  • In Nur-Sultan, municipal buses run quite well, from early morning until eight or nine in the evening (depending on the route). Payment can be made in cash at the entrance to the bus. The fare in the first zone is 180 tenge (0,43$). There are also express buses, with air-conditioned cabin and comfortable seats, where the fare is 250 tenge (0,59$). More detailed prices can be found on the official website of the operator.

    To plan a trip by bus, you can use EasyWay online maps or a 2GIS web application. Both of the above-mentioned services have mobile apps. EasyWay: iOS и Android. 2gis: iOS и Android.

  • If you’re not a fan of taxis or public transportation, or you just want to see as much of the city’s beauty as possible, then the bike-sharing system taking the world by storm is for you. Nur-sultan is the first city in Kazakhstan to have a bike-sharing system.

    Objective of the project - create an alternative to the car and public transport , to provide residents and tourists city affordable transport for the movement.

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    Season Standart 
    10 000 ₸ 

    With supporting documents: students(student ID and certificate from an educatioal institution) pensioners(pension certificate) Invalids of 3 groups (pension certificate or certificate of disability) 
    5 000 ₸ 

    Minimum balance required on account and required endless residue
    500 ₸ 

    New RFID card 
    1000 ₸ 


    0 to 30 minutes 

    31 minutes to 1 hour 
    100 ₸ 

    1 to 2 hours 
    250 ₸ 

    2 to 3 hours 
    500 ₸ 

    after 3 hours, every subsequent hour is charged at 
    1 000 ₸ 




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  • You can discover wonderful views of Nur-sultan taking Nur-Sultan Sightseeing Bus Tours. You are just to buy a ticket for a bus tour, which isvalid for 24 hours. You can get off the bus at any time to vi””sit a museum or see the sights, then return to a tour bus at any of the specialised bus shelters and continue your trip. Each double-decker bus is equipped with a sound system in four languages – Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese.  For this purpose passenger seats are equipped with headphone plugs. The audio starts to play when approaching the certain sight.

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    The buses travel from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

    The tours start at “Ailand”Entertainment Centre and “Astana Bayterek” Monument.

    You can track the bus location with the help of «AstraBus» и «infobus» mobile apps. The bus is marked as an "Excursion Route 701."

    You can contact the operator (+7 777 5557575 or +7 (7172) 77-90-99) and get the necessary information about the nearest tour.

    More details at

    You can purchase tickets:

    • in an excursion bus
    • on-line -


    Standart ticket - 3000 KZT
    Students and retirees - 2000 KZT
    Children under 6 years old - Free

  • The Start of River Navigation

    The waterbuses start their navigation at the beginning of May in Nur-Sultan. Currently there are 12 boats plying the Ishim River; six are passenger ships and six are for sightseeing tours. The capital’s excellent waterfront views open from the tour boat.

    The tour route is 18.8 kilometres long and passes the most picturesque places of the city from the highway bridge at Saryarka Avenue to the bridge near the Ramstore hypermarket.

    The passenger route has the following six stops: Central Park, Chubary village, The Seasons of the Year public park, Samal residential district, the Kenesary Khan monument and the Radisson hotel. Soon the route will be extended.

    Tour Fees:

    Adults (ages 17 & up) – 1,400 KZT
    Children (ages 7-16) – 900 KZT

    Working hours: 12.00 p.m. – 09.00 p.m.

    Boat rental fees are specified here.

    Currently, Nur-Sultan’s waterbuses, sailing in a city situated in the middle of the boundless steppe, are primarily of social and cultural importance. They mostly offer city tours, but in the future waterbuses will become one of the city’s public transportation means with the aim of transporting passengers to their destination points on either side of the Ishim River. 

  • Astana Business Aviation Company offers to try one of its services - air taxi "AUE TAXI".

    «AUE TAXI» offers usage of lightweight air business class transport represented by compact highly mobile helicopters.

    Air transport will provide You with maximum mobility on Your own schedule, safety flights at the distance up to 600 – 800 km.

    Air Taxi "AUE TAXI" provides services of helicopter hire (lease) in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Aktau, and Shymkent. Flights organization for visiting, meeting, and travel to the remote residence, helicopter tours, secluded and remote recreation camps that are inaccessible for ordinary transport.

    Phone: +7 (775) 030-91-57
    Address: Nur-Sultan, Kunayeva street 29/1, of. 1905